"Hi, I'm Zulkhairi Zulkifli

I’m a Licensed Financial Planner with Expanded Scope. Specialized in preparing long-term investment plan.

Though there are many types of investments available, my focus is in equity/stocks investments.

In 2021, I’m also a co-speaker for Shariah Investing 101 webinar. This webinar is sponsored by Bursa Malaysia-i.

You deserve a second opinion, and these are the processes!

Initial Meeting

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It’s a one-on-one appointment with a licensed financial planner. The purpose is to establish dan define the client-planner relationship. The client and planner will determine whether the services offered will meet the client’s needs or not.


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Second appointment with the planner. The planner will further assess the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s current financial situation. From the data gathered, we will discuss the merit and feasibility of any objectives that appear to be unrealistic.

Get Organised

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The planner considers one or more strategies relevant to the client’s current situation that could reasonably meet the client’s objectives, needs, and priorities. The client will then be coached or advised to carry out all the strategies.

Progress Review

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We will review and re-evaluate the strategies implemented and any changes necessary to suit clients’ latest circumstances to ensure clients are on the right track to meet the objectives. 

"Get your investment planning customized so you'll be on track for retirement."

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